10 Weeks

Feel Light and Liberated!

One-on-one coaching for effortless weight-loss through guilt-free eating and a better relationship with food 


Ready to stop obsessing about food and feel good about your eating habits again?

Do these thoughts run through your mind?:


→ I ate too much today, I have to rein it in tomorrow.

→ I shouldn’t have eaten so bad over the weekend, I have no will power.

→ I’m going to burn it all off tomorrow.

Do you want to:


→ Go from binge eating an entire bag of gummy bears to eating a handful and feeling satisfied?

→ Go from obsessing over every bite of food to feeling confident about the choices you make?

→ Eat a cheeseburger and still feel comfortable in your shorts?

→ Get rid of old eating habits that make you cringe?


Watch this first:

Once upon a time this was me:

I ate low-calorie foods, skipped entire meals, did hours of cardio, took diet pills, felt major anxiety about eating “bad” foods, and didn’t feel like my body was good enough or thin enough. That life was *so* exhausting though! I managed to mask it all with my good time attitude and plenty of socializing and boozing.  Truthfully, I was hiding a lot and not always as happy as I seemed.

It all changed when I stopped obesessing over food.

And that’s a significant component of finally getting it right with all of this healthy eating stuff.

We work together to find your unique balance. I’ll hold you accountable, so you focus your time and energy on the other areas of your life that bring you joy. Food is simple and is secondary to what truly nourishes you.

My healthy weight loss program is for you if:

  •  You know you want to loose weight and create healthy habits, but you need a solid routine, a plan of action, encouragement, accountability, and guidance.
  • You know you want to make time for workouts and meal prep but you don’t know where to start or what to do.
  • You want to feel less overwhelmed and exhausted and get into a good healthy eating and self-care routine.
  • You’ve done juice cleanses, fasting, weight loss retreats, and restrictive diets but haven’t been able to make the changes last and match your lifestyle.
  • You’re 100% ready to commit to yourself and do the work required to make lasting changes 


My healthy weight loss program is Not For you if:

  • You want to learn the quickest way to lose weight
  • You want to go to the extreme and feel restricted and follow food rules
  • You want to eat 100% clean all of the time except on the weekends
  • You don’t want to make the effort to commit to your well-being
  • You aren’t truly ready to make an investment in yourself for your long term health
  • You need to fit into a dress or bathing suit in a few weeks
  • You are not open and willing to have a growth mindset around what will be discussed


This is what you can expect during our time together


→ Learn my back to basics approach for putting together meals and cooking

→ Learn what foods to always have on your plate so you always feel satisfied.

→ Learn how to decode your cravings so you know if you’re actually hungry.

Mindful Eating

→ Learn how to change your eating style so you don’t overeat.

→ Learn how to tap into your body’s hunger cues so you’re not grazing all day.

Emotional Eating and Stress

→ Learn to understand what is actually making you feel overwhelmed. 

→ Learn how to diffuse your stress so that it doesn’t take you off track.

Healthy Habits

→ Learn how to make healthy eating a lifestyle and not another diet you’re going to forget about

→ Learn how to prioritize yourself so you get the best results.


→ Get into a growth mindset so you’re not comparing yourself to other peoples lives.

→ Get in the mindset of believing you can make changes and feel good about eating out.

→ Get in the mindset of forgiving yourself when you eat a few cookies.

What you’ll get working with me:

  • 10 weeks of support via 45 minute weekly calls on Zoom so you can:

→ Ask me any questions you have about weight-loss

→ Troubleshoot any problems you have

→ Make sure you’re eating the best foods

→ Feel fully supported if you fall off and need to be guided back

→ Go over what you’re working on and how to move forward or pivot

  • Unlimited email support between sessions to get clarity
  • Honest but supportive feedback and steps to help you reach a healthy weight and navigate your life. 

  • My favorite healthy breakfast and snack recipes for healthy weight loss

  • My must have list of pantry, fridge, and freezer items so you always have something healthy to eat

  • Access to my mini course The 7  Day Mindset Reset for the tools needed to clear your mind of negative stressors

  • Access to my Veggie Pledge Workshop so adding, prepping, and plating more plant filled meals is a breeze

  • And a special bonus for when you apply by July 20!

Client Love

” Melissa is AWESOME! I looked forward to our meetings together even though I knew she was going to remind me to do things I was resistant to doing.”

By her staying the course with me throughout the six months and persistently coming up with ways I could improve while not judging me for my failures I was able to get my life more centered and able to face some tough days of my husband’s deployment. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life. She is a top-notch professional.”


“The biggest change I have noticed since beginning the program has been within the first month I lost 10 pounds and I was fitting into my clothes better.”

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been I definitely watch what I eat more and I try to stay away from processed foods. I would describe Melissa as, I call it the triple D’s, dedicated, driven, and determined for you to make your goals. I would recommend Melissa to all my friends and family. This was an awesome experience. It helped me put my time in perspective. You can achieve anything, you just have to put in the time and effort that it deserves.”


“I have changed how I look at food, as well as how to implement better food choices every day. Melissa listened kindly to me, which helped me to look forward to our conversations”

With Melissa’s expertise, I learned more about clean eating and that really allowed me to feel better. Each time I met with Melissa, we would visit about the past weeks, she would teach me ways to make practical and different choices in my grocery shopping experience and other areas of my life. Her knowledge every step of the way was helpful and encouraging. I would tell others, that I thought I knew a lot about diet, but to my surprise, I really learned a better way to eat, which makes for better living all the way around. This program added value to my life.”


Are you ready to create healthy habits for life and finally get off the diet train?

If so,  fill out the application to see if we’re going to make a good team. I’d love to help you create a new non-restrictive approach to shedding the physical and emotional weight that you’ve been carrying around for years.

Client Love

“The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been weight reduction. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been better eating habits.”

Upon starting the 3 month program my goals were to lose weight, reduce my caffeine intake, and reduce consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates. Melissa was able to help me work toward my goals through encouragement, suggesting behavior modification, and with tools and food substitutions. Also I was given honest comments on my actions.  I would describe Melissa as extremely knowledgeable, very supportive of her clients, and focused on the task. I would recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to improve his or her lifestyle and habits. Melissa is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her clients.”


“Originally I just wanted to loose weight, but didn’t want to be caught up in those fad programs that pushes pills or shakes. What I found is that this program is NOT focused on getting you to lose the weight, it is about SO much more. Melissa is a Health COACH, and a damn good one at that. “

When I began this program, I was terrified of cooking and finding new recipes, I did not know how to manage my stress, and was generally unhappy with where I was in life. 

“She is just a text or phone call away if you have any issues or questions. The whole process gives you the necessary foundation and confidence to be able to live healthier all on your own.”

As I said, I began the program constantly stressed and unhappy. When I mentioned this program is more than just about loosing weight, this is really what I’m talking about. Melissa genuinely cares about not just your physical health but your mental health as well. She checks in with you through out the program and gives you tips on how to deal with stress, lack of or bad sleeping habits, and other issues. She is so easy to talk to, and I never ever felt judged or looked down on. I was open and honest about my issues, and we were able to work through them.

I want to encourage everyone to give this program and Melissa a try, you will not regret it!!!”