The One Weight Loss Mistake You’re Making and How to Fix It

if you want your weight to be different, you must stop making this one mistake.

First consider this, how often do you sit down to eat, and smell, see, and really taste your food? Probably not often, right?

It’s because you’re distracted while you eat.

So often we eat while on the go, in our cars, while watching tv, with our phone in our hand, while on the computer, or on the phone.

Distracted eating can be a big hindrance to your healthy weight loss goals. When you eat while distracted you miss your body’s signal telling you it’s full and overeat or forgot that you ate at all because it happened so fast. When you’re less  distracted (not distracted) and eat you can easily tell when you’re satisfied and have eaten enough without over eating.

I used to eat until I was so full I couldn’t breathe or sit comfortably. I had to unlearn what I was taught as a kid to eat everything on my plate.

When I realized I was doing this and got rid of the distractions, I completely changed how I eat and am able to slow down and eat without being so full that I can’t breathe.

My portions are realistic and whatever I don’t finish becomes my leftovers or lunch for the next day. Are you a distracted eater? It’s ok if you are, we all do it at some point.

If you find yourself looking at your phone, scrolling, or watching t.v while you eat try to reduce the amount of distractions around you. Start by sitting at a table or in a chair with a surface in front of you.

I know the distraction is a comfort (for some of you) —It was for me for years. I’d eat mountains of my meal while I watched wheel of fortune on the couch. 😝

But, how can you focus on your food when you’re focused on the Bachelor or The Wheel?

Let’s think about it. Your body is receiving the food that is going to fuel you, give you energy, make your hair, nails, and skin beautiful, your digestion function, and your muscle stronger— som many processes. But, your emotions are tied to what’s going on on the screen so your food is competing with your emotions. If you’re watching something exciting, sad, romantic, or thrilling your body is competing with those emotions to digest your food. 😳

If you dine alone it really only takes about 10-15 minutes to eat your meal. So instead, why not be with yourself and your food for that short period of time? To really feel what’s going on.

Give one of these tips a try one day this week. Sit at a table and turn your tv off and place your phone somewhere you can’t reach it and:

✅Turn on music in the background, something soothing and light
✅Light a candle
✅ Use your favorite napkins
✅ Eat on your favorite dishes

Make the time about you and your food.

A lot of times we take our frustration out on our bodies for not doing or being what we want them to be. However we don’t even bother to make time to eat and be in peace a sacred time.

How are we supposed to be in sync with our bodies if we’re too busy watching tv and videos to eat with it?

We’re  emotional beings and we feel a range of emotions throughout the day. Your emotions can decide what you do while you eat without you even realizing it. Check in with yourself to see what’s coming up. Take a pause before you dig in and thank your body and your food.

Tell me, are you going to try this?


Hi, I'm Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa

Holistic Health Coach

Welcome! As a health coach I help you learn how to feel good about food and healthy living. Your body is your home. Let's hang out and I'll teach you how to be well without dieting. Thanks for being here!

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