Clean up your diet in 21 days !


A back to basics approach to eating

for a sustainable, healthy weight

Are your clothes starting to feel a little snug?

I’ve been there, and it’s not my favorite feeling!

» Are you juggling the idea of starting a new strict eating regimen?

» Did you lose a bunch of weight doing the keto diet and are now gaining it all back?

» Do you eat carbs one day and none the next because you’re unsure how to create balance?

» Do you feel like a failure because you’re still hungry after eating chicken and broccoil for dinner?

» Would you love to find out how you can lose weight without eating non-fat yogurt and fat-free dressing everyday?

I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Melissa and I’m a Health Coach for yo-yo dieters who want to lose weight and keep it off. I help women create healthy habits eating whole foods and give them the tools they need to know exactly what to do to maintain a healthy weight without letting the number on the scale rule their  life.


I created the 21 Day Food Fix as an easy way to help you jumpstart your weight loss and start seeing tangible results by tweaking and upgrading what you eat and drink everyday. With a little clarity and direction I think you can lose 10 pounds by being aware of and making a few changes to your daily eating habits.

I want you to spend more time doing what you enjoy instead of eating low-calorie junk food with the hopes of more weight-loss, or feeling miserable from gaining weight back you lost on your last diet.

In 21 Days we can set you on the path to choosing the best foods to start seeing results!

Take it from me

I’ve been on this journey and I tried a lot of different things that didn’t work, like eating tuna fish out of the can covered in Sweet baby Ray’s bbq sauce–that’s low calorie and carb free, right? 😬 I was the queen of eating low-calorie junk food and skipping full meals because I thought I was doing my body a favor by not feeding it. Boy was I wrong!

Our bodies are amazing and always changing and alerting us to what’s going on and guiding us to make changes. Are you listening to your bodies signals (I didn’t for the longest time)?


My guess is that ‘s why you’re here. 🙌🏼

You’ve most likely cut out carbs, cut out beer, cut out processed food, and cut out sugar. But yet, you went back to it because you felt deprived.

How come? It’s because your mind is cluttered with too much information about what’s “good’ and what’s “bad” and you don’t know how to make any sense of it.

What changed it all for me?
It wasn’t never eating carbs, sugar, or drinking beer ever again…even though I tried. That’s not sustainable–I can’t live like that! 😳

For me, it was getting to know what’s in my food and what it does for my body. Now I make the most of every meal, and  eat based on how I want to feel with the occasional scoop of dairy-free ice cream or slice of veggie pizza.

It was a learning experience, but it’s possible, and I want the same for you. But, only if you’re truly ready to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

I’ll show you exactly how in the 21 Day Food Fix so that you can start making changes and start seeing results in how your clothes fit. 

We can all cook! You can do it and Melissa has the fundamentals for you to start with! I enjoyed the example meal combos because I need new ideas. I learned about the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen and where to look for groceries in the grocery store. I was interested to learn the exact foods to strive to have on my plate at every meal too.


I learned that I could enjoy cooking more by loving the space I’m in. I like the idea of her meal combo ideas and making one type of food last the whole week. I learned to not make decisions from a place of guilt and lacking. I would tell anyone who usually runs to unhealthy options that any new info is good info if you want to improve your life. 


Food can be healthy, diverse, and full of flavor but still be simple. I learned how to add flavor, prep and prepare and that I can freeze my meals. I never knew about the clean 15 and dirty dozen or how to shop at a grocery store. I learned that in order to have a successful week I need to be realistic about food and quantities.


Here’s how it works:

 »After you sign up, we’ll schedule your first, second, and third one -on-one, 30 minute call together.

»Then, we’ll have our first 30 minute call to go over your weight-loss and food goals, and get really clear about what you want to get out of our time together. Then you’ll get your food journal and instructions with exactly how to fill it out.

»Then, for 7 days you’ll log everything you eat and drink from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, and every piece of gum in between. You’ll also have access to my Healthy Modern Meal Prep Workshop, this workshop will teach you everything you need to know about how to make simple, healthy, more balanced meals. 

»Then, after 7 days you’ll send me your food journal and I’ll review it and then send you a write up of my recommendations.

»In the workshop you’ll learn meal prep and planning tips, and healthy shopping tips. The workshop will help you plan to incorporate new practices and more plants to your diet.

» Then we’ll have our second call to talk about your next steps, where you’ll take my recommendations and what you learned from the workshop and create a plan on what you want to implement. You’ll have another 7 days to track and log your new food choices and suggestions.

» Last, we’ll have our third 30 minute call where we’ll talk about how your new food fix went. We’ll discuss how you felt it went, what you want to improve on, what you want to add more or less of, and how you plan to incorporate your new recommendations. We’ll make sure your new goals are attainable and actionable. You can ask me any questions about your new recommendations too.

» You’ll also have have unlimited email support with me from the start of the program up until your last phone call so that you can ask me any questions you have about what to log in your food journal or any question you have about how to meal prep or shop or cook.

Food tweak examples:

Fat Free popcorn → Homemade Popcorn with 2 ingredients

No Stir Peanut Butter → Peanut Butter with the oil on top

100 Calorie Pack Cheezits → 100 plus calories hummus and veggies

But Melissa will this actually work?

The answer is yes! Why, because you’re going to have my support during the time that you’re logging and tracking your food. You’re going to have your journal and if you forget the paper version, you can log it in your notes app, I’ll send you a template to use and you can send that to me if that’s easier. If pictures are more your thing then a photo and description will work too.

From my experience and from past client experiences, changing at least one thing will make a world of difference in your weight and how you feel.

⭐️ For example:

Janet’s sleep has been terrible and she also noticed her jeans are not zipping up. However, she hasn’t really changed much of what she’s been eating, except for eating dessert every night for a couple of weeks after dinner while she watches t.v.

So, what did Janet do?

She stopped eating sugar after dinner every night. Instead of eating cookies, chocolate, and sweets every night, she swapped to kombucha, tea, unsweetened cocoa, and golden mylk.

The results? Better sleep and her pants started to fit better and zip back up with ease.

It only took a few swaps and tweaks to get Janet feeling better.

By the time you finish the program you’ll

💚 Know if your portions are realistic so you can feel at ease when you plate your meals

💚 Balance nutritious food and less nutritious food so you can ease into a balanced diet

💚 Know how to put together a healthy meal in a non-confusing way

💚 Fit into your clothes better and start losing weight so that you feel good about shorts season

💚 Be able to kick processed sugary foods so that you no longer binge on sweets

💚 Know how to keep your vegetables fresh for longer than a week so you’re not throwing away more than you eat

💚 Know what to keep in your pantry at all times so you can always put together a healthy meal

💚 Know how to read a nutrition label so that you know which foods to buy for healthy weight loss and which ones to ditch. *this one will surprise you*

Here’s exactly what is included in your program

+ 3 30 minute calls to go over your current weight loss goals and complete instructions for the 21 Day Food Fix program. Plus 2 more calls to talk about your recommendations and a final to talk about your progress and how to move forward. ($350 value)

+ Unlimited email support during business hours to get support or questions answered during the 21 Day Food fix and up until your final call. ($812 value)

+ A full page review of  your meals, food tweaks and recommendations, easy meal prep and shopping tips and printable guides, and handouts specific to what you need the most help with to help upgrade your food and drinking habits. ($332 value)

+ A special discount on a follow up call after the program to ask new questions and troubleshoot anything about your new food choices  ($115 value)

»Bonus 1: Master Your Weight Loss with 5 Easy Techniques ($232 value)

With all that being said, I only want to work with you if you’re ready to do the work involved to see results.

The 21 Day Food Fix is for you if:

✅ You want to shed pounds so that you can feel great about your new habits, and getting dressed.
✅ You want to start eating more whole foods and plant foods so that you don’t gain weight over the holidays.
✅ You want to create better non-restrictive habits so that you don’t binge eat junk food everyday.

✅ You want to know if your snack game is tight or if you’re carb-loading for a marathon

✅ You want to know how your breakfast or lunch can keep you fuller longer so you’re not starving by 1:00 p.m.

✅ You want breakfast ideas so you’re not just eating a snack bar and ravenous by the time lunch time rolls around.

✅ You want to know if your evening wine or cocktail habit is helping your wieght loss goals and how to improvise.

✅ You want to feel better and more energized than you have in months so you stay motivated to continue your healthy habits or workout

✅ You want to feel confident about what you put on your plate, every time you eat.

✅ You want to spend more time enjoying food instead of binge eating cheezits over the kitchen sink.


The 21 Day Food Fix is not for you if:

❌ You want a meal plan with exact calorie counts and fat grams

❌ You want a bunch of recipes

❌ You aren’t open to questions and recommendations

❌ You don’t like feedback

❌ You don’t like to cook or experiment with new foods

❌ You aren’t willing to try and invest in yourself

❌ You have a lot of reasons why you can’t try something 


Tweaking and upgrading my meals and beverages was the best thing I did to be able to maintain a healthy weight for the past 8 years, and not stress about gaining a pound or two during the holidays or winter months. 

I’ve been able to spend more time on hobbies and doing things I love because I’m not stressed about meal times and what to cook anymore. Eating and making healthy meals is second nature, and it only get’s easier with practice.

I learned so many great tips to create healthier meals. And that I’m able to make small enough meals for myself so that I’m not eating the same thing everyday. I usually just grab something fast or just don’t eat. This was helpful in that it showed me what I should have on my plate every meal and where to shop at the supermarket.


Melissa made food and what we can do to prepare a healthy, balanced meal approachable and informal. She looks at food as a lifestyle choice as opposed to a diet (punishment). I normally don’t allow enough time to prepare a meal, but I learned to make my time in the kitchen as efficient as possible, and what to include in my meals for a balanced plate.


I like how Melissa focused on how simple and healthy meal prep and cooking can be. I enjoyed learning the shopping tips and what to include to my daily diet. I usually just eat plain rice when I don’t have enough time to make a whole meal.


Are you ready to take the guesswork out of preparing and putting the best foods on your plate everyday, so you can *finally* start seeing results in how your clothes fit?

I can’t wait to work with you!

I only have room available for  3 clients for the month of October! Be sure to sign up! This is just what your body needs!