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Below you’ll find how to apply and how we can expect to work together if we’re a good fit.

How to apply

Part one

Fill out the apllication

Deciding If we're the right fit

Click this link to fill out the application. Once you submit it, I will reach out to you to schedule our first call.

Discovery Call

On this call I’ll get to know you a little better and learn what your concerns are. I’ll answer any questions and tell you about my program and how you can start living a diet-free life.

how to apply
how to apply

part two

First Session

Let's talk about you

This call will be an hour and half long. During this call I’ll get to know you what you’ve tried in the past and what your’re health habits and relationship with food is. We’ll go over your goals then we’ll create a plan to help you get there.

your goals and the kind of support you need

We’ll talk about how I’ll support you through the program and you’ll leave this call with clear action steps and accountability from me on the goals you set for yourself.

part three

Support and Accountability

Weekly calls

Every week/bi-weekly we’ll get together to discuss your progress and what is going well with the goals you set, and with what you’re learning during the program. We’ll also work through any challenges and keep moving forward with your goals and adjust as needed.

Unlimited email suport

During the weeks that we don’t meet you’ll have my support via email for any questions or challenges or just to check in and share a win.

Wellness Resources

During the program I’ll share resources with you as they relate to the topics we talk about.

how to apply

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