Conquer Overeating in 3 Simple Steps

Don’t let over eating make you feel defeated or like you have no power when it comes to food or your hunger.⁣

You can totally go from over eating to eating just the right amount for your hunger level in three simple steps.⁣ I’m going to guide you through the 3 P’s to prevent over eating so you always have a simple formula to remember when you approach meal’s. ⁣

Once you start practicing the 3 p’s, you’ll create a healthy habits around food and become aware of your hunger cues. This can be used when eating with friends or alone. ⁣These steps will work for snacks and desserts too.

The 3 P’s will help make any meal time enjoyable and like you’re always in control of your hunger. ⁣

1. The first P is Plate

Is your food on a plate or in a bowl?

Eating your food on a plate or a bowl sets the tone for what you’re about to consume. It gives your food a place and somewhere to go back to.⁣ For example, when you feed your pet, do you pour their food all over the floor? Probably not. Give your food a place. ⁣

Next, where did your food come from, did you or someone you know make it? ⁣

Think for a moment about how your food was brought to you and express a moment of gratitude for how and where your food was made. ⁣

Next, does your food look delicious, what makes it so? Does it smell good?

What qualities does it have that make it so enticing. ⁣
⁣Use your senses (smell and sight) to appreciate what you’re about to eat. ⁣

You’re already one step closer to not over eating. Take a moment to look at your plate and run through all of the prompts. ⁣Practice plate today⁣ and tell me how it goes and what you notice about your food.

Now that you’re on your way to preventing over eating, let’s continue to the next step.

Hi, I'm Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa

Holistic Health Coach

 I help women feel good about food and their bodies without the constant battle of dieting. Your body wants you to feel good and is your best health advocate. Let's hang out and discover how to be well without dieting ever again. Thanks for being here!

2. The second P is Pause

When you pause you become even more aware of the process. We all eat and at times we eat on autopilot. ⁣This practice will help you pause and become aware of how you’re eating. ⁣⁣Before you dig into to your next meal, ask yourself this. ⁣

How do you feel? Are happy, anxious, angry, or sad? ⁣

Sometimes less positive emotions drive us to use food for comfort and in our minds we’re dealing with more than anything food can fix. Food is comforting, but you want to be aware that you’re soothing with food and know when to pause. I used to over eat when I felt frustrated, overwhelmed, or bored. Now I know to ask myself this when I want to eat something when I’m not hungry or feeling a lot. ⁣

How are you sitting? Are slumped on the couch, are you laying down, are you not at a table? ⁣

Sitting down with your plate in front of you will help you feel your food when it’s making its way through your body. It’ll also get you used to sitting down and enjoying your meal as opposed to standing or walking or being slumped on the couch. Find a comfortable spot where you can sit and place your plate in front of you as opposed to holding your plate with one hand. ⁣

Are you distracted? What are you doing while you eat?⁣

This one is my favorite. So many of us eat while distracted letting our nourishment fly by the way side. Our food becomes the thing you do while you’re busy doing something else. Let’s change that and make eating the only thing you do while you eat. ⁣

Distracted eating leads to over eating. When you pause and decide that eating for 10-15 minutes is all that you’re going to do, you’re less likely to over eat or go back for seconds. It gives you time to feel how full you’re getting. ⁣

Take the time to practice pausing before you dig into to your delicious food. ⁣This last practice leads into my next P.

3. The third P is Proceed⁣

This is where I need the most help some days. I know this information, and I find myself practicing this p the most because I tend to eat fast. ⁣

Now that you’ve mastered using your senses to appreciate and show gratitude for your food and to check in with yourself to notice your mood and what you’re doing while you eat, it’s time to Proceed. ⁣

When you’re eating, are you chewing or just taking a few bites and swallowing?⁣

Sometimes you feel so hungry or in a rush that you barely chew our food enough to be digested easily. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth, so it’s up to you to pause, check your mood and proceed with chewing your food into mush. ⁣

Are you breathing or taking any deep breaths? ⁣

Again, sometimes you want to eat everything on your plate in one swoop that you forget to stop and take a deep breath and feel your food in your body. Take a moment to breathe while you’re eating and allow your food to catch up with your mind and what you’re eating. ⁣

Are you taking your time between bites? ⁣

Slow down! Set your utensil down between bites. Chew your food and breathe. We’re usually busy with our utensil in hand scooping up the next bite or already waiting to take the next bite that we forget to slow down, chew, and breathe. This ties back to the previous p’s. It’s all about being aware of what you’re doing while you eat and how you’re doing it⁣

Being aware of how and when you eat will absolutely help you stop overeating. ⁣

Take a moment to see your plate, pause and check in with yourself and proceed with awareness will become a habit with time and you will find yourself eating until you’re satisfied and making decisions about food from an intuitive place. ⁣

You’re fully prepared to conquer over eating! ⁣

⁣⁣If this is something you want more individualized support with, click here to contact me with any questions. or click here if you’re ready to schedule a free body confidence call. 💕

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