5 Simple Tips to Easily Read 12 Books in a Year

5 Simple tips to Easily Read 12 Books in a Year

The 5 steps I took to read 15 books in 2020.

1. Decide why you want to read

Is it because you want to learn a new skill or more about a topic? Do you want a new action plan? Do you want to hear how someone overcame something you’re struggling with? Or, do you just love fiction–a good mystery or mushy love story to spark your imagination? Whatever it is, know why you want to read, it’ll help make reading and finishing the book more powerful to your purpose.

2. Make time

I promise you have time. In my case, I had plenty of time before bed, it was just a matter of declaring that my bed time routine was going to include reading 30-45 minutes before lights out. I got ready for bed earlier than usual (which meant less tv during the weekdays) and had time to read.

3. Start small

You don’t have to start with 30 minutes right away. Start with one paragraph or one chapter. See how long it takes you. Then add on from there. Before you know it reading for 30-45 minutes will come naturally and you’ll look forward to it everyday. I also created a dedicated page in my bullet journal to track my progress and keep me accountable.

4. Put your phone away!

Hide your phone somewhere out of reach when you want to read. There’s nothing worse than your focus being disturbed by your phone when your mind is deep in a book. For me, my bedtime routine doesn’t include my phone. I set alarms, disconnect from WiFi and put it away when I get in bed. Reading time > Phone time. Reading before bed helps me ease into relaxation mode and I notice my body’s signals for sleep a lot easier than if I was watching t.v. If I need to take notes, I take notes in my book or in a notebook if I’m reading something super juicy.

5. Have a back up book

It’s ok if the book you were into for a few weeks gets hard or boring. My advice is to push through, or read a chapter near the end to get re-inspired, or hit pause and read the first chapter of your back up book. Hopefully this will re-motivate you to finish the first one so you can dive into the next one. I like to have a new book ready for when I finish.

That’s how I read 15 books in a year. I can’t wait to dive into reading in 2021. What are you reading right now? I love personal development books! What are some of your favorites?

Hi, I'm Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa

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