4 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving and not Worry about your Weight

4 tips for a worry free thanksgiving

Does Worrying about Your Weight Make Thanksgiving less enjoyable?

I know this time of the year can bring up a lot of worry and anxiety about eating too much food and and weight gain. You might feel like throwing caution to the wind with your habits, and wait to start back up with more helpful eating habits in the new year.

Regardless of what camp you’re in, there will always be someone discussing their weight or how much food they’re eating in relation to their diet (or lack of control around food) at the holiday gathering. Someone will inevitably bring up diet talk!

When that happens, you’ll be prepared with some helpful habits that you can practice anytime of the year.

Check out my four tips about how you can worry less about your weight this thanksgiving–and hopefully continue to incorporate more helpful eating habits throughout the holiday season.

1 Green it up

I didn’t stop eating food I enjoyed, I just changed the amount and the order which I ate things. I still eat potatoes and mac and cheese and stuffing. I just prioritize eating green and fiber rich foods first and the other stuff is extra. If I want more, I wait to see what my body says and go from there. I’m usually more content after the meal when I eat fiber rich foods first and don’t feel sleepy when the meal is over. I also know that guests and family appreciate seeing a green dish or two on the holiday spread. Green food can be a part of your holiday tradition. Let go of what others might think about eating vegetables and do you.

2 Enjoy your food

It’s easy to fall into thinking that you’re breaking rules or being bad or cheating. You may even want to get reassurance or justify that you’re just doing this for the day. But you don’t have to. It’s ok to not discuss you wanting to eat 2 kinds of pie after dinner. No one else should care either.

If you feel anxious or think you’re setting yourself back, remember this:

  • you won’t get any of this time back or time spent with the people you’re with
  • the way the food tastes because of how it was made
  • the enjoyment of letting your body tell you when you’re full and senses being delighted by smells and tastes

Please enjoy it. If that’s still hard for you, be mindful of your bites, your mood, your speed, and most importantly breathe.

3 Eat with your stomach

Not your eyes. Remember you can always have more. Give yourself time to decide if you want more food. Remember it’ll be there, and hello-leftovers! Decide how you want to feel when you’re done. This has helped me over the years. When I was younger I always thought to myself “will I always be this uncomfortable on this holiday?” “Why does it have to be this way?” I would always eat to the point of discomfort. Part of that was because I wasn’t eating regularly during the day or, in general so I would eat everything (with my eyes) to the point of discomfort. Ugh.

4 Eat like you normally would

Do your best to treat the day like any other day. Get some movement in, eat your meals like you normally would, and avoid saving your calories for the main meal. Just think of it as dinner with more options (and leftovers galore). If you end up saving your hunger for the main meal you might end up eating with your eyes, or the opposite, getting really full off of a few bites. You’ll just further confuse your hunger.

Tell me what you are going to try and if you found these tips helpful.

Hi, I'm Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa

Holistic Health Coach

 I help women feel good about food and their bodies without the constant battle of dieting. Your body wants you to feel good and is your best health advocate. Let's hang out and discover how to be well without dieting ever again. Thanks for being here!

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