4 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Self-Talk

4 powerful ways to boost your self talk

Do you know those excuses that you tell yourself when something doesn’t go your way?

Say you’re having trouble finding a relationship and you explain it away with something like, “men are only interested in women with a specific body type.”

These are examples of limiting beliefs – statements that you believe to be a fact even though there’s evidence proving otherwise

Sometimes you can get caught up on auto-pilot to actually hear what you’re saying about yourself and it’s basically second nature for you to say things like:

  • I’m stupid
  • I’m an idiot
  • Nobody will date me
  • I’m so ugly
  • I can’t do anything right
  • I’m the worst
  • I’m a terrible cook

Have you said any version of those things to yourself before?

It’s very common to find fault in most everything, whether it be new car, a restaurant, or our appearance and abilities. However, it’s time we start being kinder to ourselves and become more accepting of where we are in life. If you agree that you’re a work in progress and always evolving and want to show up better for yourself each day, then try this to boost your confidence and spirit.

1. Become aware of what you think and say about yourself. The thoughts and feelings you have about yourself matter most. If you’re full of negativity you’re going to attract more negativity and drama. Start listening to how you talk to yourself—your whole body is listening—you’ll want to start listening too.

2. Is there evidence that you are the things you say you are? Like, for real?! You might be someone who fishes for compliments after saying you’re the fugliest girl on the planet, but c’mon, do you really believe that? If so, what is the evidence? Prove it! 

3. Flip the script! When you say and think awful things about yourself, notice it and then change it to the opposite. This might seem extreme because you might not fully believe it. But the more you flip the script the more you’ll start to act the part and then believe it. You’re a beautiful soul capable of so much—not the worst or stupid. Trust me on this one! 

4. Make a list! This might seem hard to do at first, but start with 3 positive things. I know there are at least three positive things you can say about yourself. Keep the list in your notes app or somewhere you can see it. When you think of something new, write it down. It can be anything, like, good at reading maps, good at calculating a 20% tip, can milk a goat, makes really good scrambled eggs…

5. Bonus challenge!  Read the graphic below to get the details of this mini challenge. Reply here to let me know what surprised you during this activity. 

4 powerful ways to boost your self talk
Hi, I'm Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa

Holistic Health Coach

 I help women feel good about food and their bodies without the constant battle of dieting. Your body wants you to feel good and is your best health advocate. Let's hang out and discover how to be well without dieting ever again. Thanks for being here!

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